Choosing Wedding Photography Formats and Styles

You are about to tie the knot with your most favorite person on earth. A wedding event is charged with different intimate and fun moments. As a couple, your goal is to document all these moments in an aesthetic that will be appreciated by everyone—wedding photography.

However, different formats and styles may confuse you. According to experts, it is just natural. It is the same experience that you will encounter along the way. It is like selecting wedding outfits from a bridal boutique store as well.


For more information, here are some of the formats and styles in photography that you can utilize in your special day:

(1) Fine art style.

As its name suggests, this style is more or stronger on artistic flare and other artsy feels. By simply looking at the album, you can tell that most of the photos have undergone advance post production process. Not all photographers are skilled in terms of post-production enhancements and edits. The photos are also displaying unique composition, artistic angles and even out of this world lighting trick. This style is different from others because the photos or images are treated as an art canvass by the photographer. Your simple portrait and say cheese shots will be turned into something magical.

(2) Bridal photojournalism style

This style is focused more on the storytelling side of photography. The photographer stays in a strategic spot to snap photos of the couple, mostly candid. When you order this kind of style, you will not see posed portraits because most of the photos are spontaneous and unfolding moments being documented. To get best photojournalistic photos of your wedding, you need to hire a specialized or skilled type of photographer. Clearly, this job does not belong to a less skilled or inexperienced photographer.

(3) Traditional style

In this type of style, the wedding photographer is always the one seen as “in charge.” It simply means all of the movements, posed and other aesthetics are controlled by one individual. In short, photographers of traditional style are also serving as directors and coordinators of the shoot. Although this job may be too much, others are well trained to do this job. At the end of the day, you’ll get clean shot of your wedding portrait.

(4) Fashion photography style

If you bride is the fashionable type then maybe she will like this wedding photography genre. The shoot will focus more on the fashion items and clothing being displayed. This style is usually done for commercial reasons like ads and TV commercials. However, there is no rule that you cannot imitate this style. This style is employing three unique techniques such as fashion-esque wedding poses, unique lighting and dramatic background. The usual results are really splendid especially if you are a lover of fashion and art.

Your wedding photography format should be a reflection of your personality. If you and the photographer clicked, it means that you are a good chemistry. However, you should not stick to one photographer while you are still in the process of searching. Get at least three candidates and study their portfolios.